Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 9, 2015

Mom, Dad, and Family,

I got transferred out of Victorville today.  I was there for six weeks instead of six months.  I guess President wanted to change some things around.  We call it being 'six week shafted' in the mission, because right when you meet a bunch of the members, you get transferred.  I did get one of my ingrown toenails removed before I left though.  That was awesome.  I go back later this month to get rid of the other one.

My new companion is Elder Gooch.  He's a great missionary and I am pumped to work with him.  We got whitewashed into Hesperia, so we're still up in the desert, just a different part.  There are even less people in this area than my last.  But we cover a whole bunch more area.  I'm super stoked to be here.  Things feel good about this transfer.

So, everyone back in Victorville is doing well.  No one ended up coming to church while I was there, but my replacement in that area is such a boss missionary, so I have no doubt that things will go super well in Mesa Linda.  Elder Fullmer is great and he'll do a lot of good with Elder Carter.  They'll have a great time.

On Sunday, we heard this talk by one of the newer members of the ward.  His topic was "Trifle Not With Sacred Things."  It was so good.  He focused a lot on how we receive blessings from God and how when we don't take His commandments seriously, He can't really take our blessings seriously.  He quoted the song "You Raise Me Up" and talked about how having the help God gives is a sacred experience and privilege.  We can't take that for granted.  We short change ourselves blessings if we do.  He explained how we often don't give the proper reverence for things that are sacred.  Prayer, scripture study, church classes.  We see them as things to do instead of chances to grow.  As such we see them more as chores to accomplish and we end up giving it an improper amount of reverence.  It would be my challenge to all of you to make sure you take every gift God gives you and treat it with a sacred attitude.  Avoid loud laughter, and evil speaking of things that God has given us.  Make sure we pay attention in our meetings.  Listen for the promptings of the Spirit and also follow them.  Show God you want to follow Him and become more like our Savior.  Trifle not with sacred things.

I love you all.  I pray for you.  I hope all is doing well.  Weather out here is in the 80s.  Read the scriptures, ponder them, pray about them, listen for promptings; act on those promptings, lift others, and be a benefit to your fellow man.  God loves you, and that is an awesome fact.

Elder Russell