Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014

Mom, Dad, and Family,

I did indeed get the support package and all of the contents therein!  Thank you so much!  I ate most of the coconut dreams in about one bite and then immediately felt like I should not only repent, but go to a rehabilitation clinic. ;)  But I didn't, and instead continued to eat them.  Elder King loved the oreos and Elder Haglund and I are anxious to eat the Warhead pops...although we haven't yet gotten to them yet.  We also gave the fruit pops to the Sisters that live in the same apartment complex as we do.  I can't remember what happened to the rest of it, but I think it's gone.  The Book of Mormon key chain is with the keys that I carry around everyday.  Thanks Babs!  Y'all are awesome.

This week was pretty good!  We keep teaching the Cortez family.  They have a lot of struggles that we don't know about.  But we know they're there.  We brought a Brother from the ward to come teach with us.  It was great.  Brother Gonzalez, when we were talking about church in the lesson, said "Are you coming to church tomorrow?"  they responded that they didn't have a car.  "That's okay, I'll be here tomorrow to pick you up."  And he did.  That involved him rushing home from ward council to get his family and then rushing over there to be just in time for church.  It was pretty great.  He's coming to another lesson tonight with us.  He's a great guy.

We're also starting to work with a less active member in the ward.  He's really cool too.  He has some troubles as well though.  Last week, his wife and him got in a fight while they were in Covina and she dropped him off with a dead phone and no money and he walked home (it's about a 20 minute drive).  But he's a good guy.  Just has a little changing to do.  So Elder King and I are seeing if we can help him with that.

Prayer has been really great as well this past week.  Elder King and I have made a prayer role.  Anyone who asks us to pray for them we put on that list and we pray for them at least once a night together.  Sometimes more.  It's been crazy to see the results too.  People have come back to church, been able to get over a loss of a friend, overcome some mental problems, and other things.  It was awesome.

My knuckles are recovering and unfortunately we haven't had the chance to go back and see Isaac or anyone else in his house this week.  That's okay, he doesn't really do anything so he's always home and we can go see him.  We hope he's doing alright though.  Hopefully he's getting his act together in some degree for his girlfriend and child.

Awesome about the PMG!  It's a great book.  Chapter 4 has been one of my favorites since I started reading it.  But also some sections in Chapter 9.  Elder King and I talk to as many people as we can while we're out proselyting.  It does work to find people to teach.  That's a good section to read too.  But it's all good to read.  Thanks for doing that.  I hope you are seeing some of the blessings that come with it.

My recent convert spoke in church yesterday.  She talked about her conversion story and how she came in contact with the church.  She said she was scared of the missionaries at first ( fea?).  I think it was just because Elder Bringhurst is very big.  But it was so cool to be part of that experience and to know anytime she referenced the missionaries, I was part of that.  We really didn't do much though.  She was ready and so was Erik when they started taking the discussions.  I guess that's how a lot of it goes though.  When they're that ready.

I hope all is going well!  YC sounds like it was a blast.  I miss going to those.  Maybe I'll get to go to one as a chaperone one day after my mission.  Heard they all got exhausted, which is a good sign that it was fun.  Keep me posted on all that goes on.  I love and miss you all.  Pray...a lot.  About everything. ;)

Elder Russell

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