Sunday, August 24, 2014

August 17, 2014

Mom, Dad, and Family,

This week was a blast!  Elder Depew and I had a ton of success.  We were able to get a lesson in with Hugo and his wife, Grace sat in and participated as well.  It was an awesome lesson.  We brought a member with us and they got along really well.  The Bro Pedroche is Filipino and so is Grace, so some times they were talking in Tagalog.  But Bro Pedroche also served a Spanish speaking mission so sometimes he was talking to Hugo in Spanish (Hugo is Mexican).  So Elder Depew and I just kind of listened...not understanding.

The Spirit was there though, and I think they felt it.  They both said they wanted to come to church (they didn't make it though) and we have a return appointment with them and Brot Pedroche again this week.  So pray it happens.  They're a great family.  Eli was just kind of running around outside.  Which is understandable...he's five.  It was a blessing to be there.

We also had a great week for teaching members (less-active and active).  We taught a quite a few less actives and they seem to be doing better and a little more motivated and receptive (maybe just more receptive...we'll get motivated later) than before.  So that was good too.  Something we're trying to do with our less-actives is get them to come to see Elder Nelson for stake conference since they don't really want to come to regular church.  An Apostle is cooler than we are.

Speaking of church.  I sang the Lord's Prayer yesterday and it was a good time.  Bro Pedroche accompanied me (we're pretty much best friends.  That...and he's just the best piano player in the ward).

Sounds like things with Saho are going well.  I loved the picture of you all driving in the car.  It looks like Saho is comfortable with the family.  Haha, she and Rylie were passed out.  It made me laugh.  I also got the pictures of Rylie and the Cougarettes.  I didn't know Rylie could do a split that well. Pretty impressive and painful looking.  But maybe it gets easier.

We also had a lesson with a new investigator this Sunday who is a member of a friend who comes to church and activities every now and again.  Get this.  He's Jewish, he has studied different religions, and he lives in Fullerton Orange County.  And his undergraduate degree was audio engineering.  Go figure huh?  He's pretty awesome and super open to anything.  He has very little understanding of Christ though and of the need of a Savior in general.  Which makes sense.  We taught Gospel Principles and the lesson was on the Atonement.  He asked the best questions.  And we spent most of class answering them.  Luckily we had a few return missionaries in the class, because I wasn't sure on some of the answers.  But he seemed to understand after a while.

Today was pretty great as well.  Every P-Day, Elder Depew and I go over to some other Elders' house (they have a washing machine) early and have breakfast parties, and then we study together before we go out and do P-Day kind of stuff.  It's a blast.  We think we'll keep the tradition.  We make pancakes...I like pancakes.

Today, we also went up Mt Baldy (this time not to clean up) to a member's house.  It was soo good to be up at a mountain.  We had a ton of fun and there was...air...fresh air.  It was a beautiful experience.  I think I'll keep it (the experience).  We took a lot of pictures.  It's'd think missionaries had never seen trees before.  I took a picture next to a random plant.  I thought it looked cool.

We had Zone Conference this week too.  It was awesome.  And this week, we get to see Elder Nelson.  We're excited.

I miss you all and love y'all to death.  Remember not to touch hot stoves.  You've all taught me so much.  I've learned this week that prayer is so important.  Like, sincere prayer.  And then acting in faith.  Sometimes it can be hard.  But it's always worth it.  I pray for you all and hope all continues to go well. 

Elder Russell
Don't forget to look up!

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