Wednesday, October 15, 2014

October 15, 2014

Mom, Dad, and Family,

So this is going to be like way super short because we have an appointment in like a half hour. :P  First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR.  I totally didn't forget.  I have his present and I've been meaning to send it for...the last two weeks.  But P-Days haven't been accommodating (for example, yesterday was Columbus day) but I will send it soon.  I promise...ish.  I hope the day is going great and that he's having fun y cosas.

Yes!  I totally have seen Meet the Mormons, twice in fact.  I saw it over a week before it came out (missionary perks) on Wednesday two weeks ago.  It was super cool.  The other time I saw it was at a meeting for new missionaries.  All of the new missionaries that came out this transfer hadn't seen it yet (because they were in the MTC when it came out) so we watched it their first day here.  We're actually not allowed to go out and see it in the theaters.  The reason is it's not meant to be a proselyting tool, and they don't want missionaries to be there because we scare people away from things.  So we just kick back and watch it with other missionaries.  Actually, we're not even supposed to bring it up with people unless they're already investigating the church (at least until it moves from the theaters to Netflix).  But yeah, good movie.  I'm one of like 10 missionaries here that has seen it twice.

I guess that brings me to my companion.  Elder Mitchell is from Las Vegas and has been out in the field for six days.  It's weird, because they assigned me as trainer, but the Elder I'm training already kind of knows everything--so nothing much has really changed.  He's way cool.  He's a singer, he ran in highschool, and jokes around a ton.  So we kind of get a long.  We laugh literally like all the time.  It's rather ridiculous.  We had some other changes in the Zone as well and we have some awesome awesome missionaries that moved into the Zone.  I'm super pumped for the transfer.

The week was kind of awesome.  We talked to this guy on the street named Justin. He's 16 and we asked him if he had every talked to missionaries before.  He said no and long story short, we came by the next day to teach him.  This kid has gone through things that no kid should ever have to deal with.  He's super nice and really sincere.  He wants to make his relationship with God stronger and he's just awesome.  If you could pray for him that would be awesome!  He's a great guy.  He's who we're seeing right after this.

This week has been such a blessing and has actually gone by super fast.  God truly does watch out for us and loves us a ton (but like, actually more).  Don't forget to read your scriptures.  Don't forget to pray.  Don't forget to attend church and serve in callings and love one another and help each other out and be kind and loving.  And most importantly, don't forget to look Up.  I love you all and pray for you everyday.

Elder Russell

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