Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 28, 2014

Mom, Dad, and Family,

This week has been soo good!  Elder Kind is a hard worker and we met and surpassed all of our goals this week except for referrals and investigators at church.  It was so rad!  It was crazy to hear what happened to the FJ (I'd asked for a refund *wink*).  It was weird having too much to do this week.  It's odd how that works.  The less you do the less you feel like there is to do but the more you do the more it feels like there is to do.  That's how it was this week.  Elder King and I worked hard  this week and did a lot and then Sunday rolled around and we we like "Ah...we forgot to do (this and that)."  It was kinda depressing, but cool when you look at what we did.

President Hobbs randomly showed up to sacrament meeting, that was cool.  It was like, you're totally not in our ward, whatcha doin' here?  But it was cool because he got to meet two of our investigators.  President is pretty awesome.

Concerning Carla, she hasn't been batptized yet.  I don't know when she will be because she has some things that need taking care of first.  She is also being taught by some Sisters in another ward because Carla technically doesn't actually live in our ward.  But she'll be okay we think.  She is pretty solid and sticks to her beliefs and is pretty steadfast in her testimony.

Elder Hernandez (roommate) and I have had a lot of fun this week in the apartment.  We lived together last transfer and got pretty close and so we do weird things and it freaks our companions out.  It's a blast.

Other than that, the work goes forward and things are just going great.  We had some neighbors move in to our complex and they're not members...yet.  They were pretty nice but I think they think we're freaks.  I would too if I lived next to four guys that wear helmets.  Elder Buttars (wardmate) is soo trunky.  All he talks about is his crazy mission stories (he has a lot...he wasn't exactly obedient).  It's kinda awkward around members.  Elder Haglund's cool though, he came out at the same time I did and he does work.  And he's funny.

The Lord's hand has been evident in my life so much this week.  As I study prayer more, I realize how bad I am at praying and I see all the things I could improve on.  Praying is so cool.  You should do it more often. ;)  Study chapter 4 in PMG, iss tha best.  That and chapter 6.  They're both really awesome.  I love and miss you all and I keep you in my prayers.  Keept the faith!

Elder Russell

P.S.  Has Taylor checked out what a 2 week mission is?  He can do it next year before he comes out on the mission.  It's super cool, he should check it out.

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