Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015

Mom, Dad, and Family,

Things in Victorville are great. We had interviews on Friday and they were great. There is no doubt in my mind that President Hobbs is an inspired man. That he does God's work. Understand and know, God does call people to His holy work. And that those people receive His guidance. His power is real.

Like than, the blessings of the His gospel are real. They aren't some superficial thing that people think up to themselves. The gospel, and the religion that accompanies it, are not things concocted or directed by man. Lots of people talk to us and say they believe "religion is a man made construct." One of the biggest wiles of the Devil is he convinces people that they do not need to receive any blessings beyond the ones they believe they can achieve through their own strength and power. That...stinks. So don't ever believe that the gospel only provides blessings of feeling good. Although it does do that as well.

Sounds like Dad needs a degree in audio engineering. ;) That was a joke...because he has one. Haha, get it? I miss music a ton. But not too much, because I'd rather have the Spirit. So out here on the mission, not listening to rock...doesn't bother me. Super cool stuff. I probably won't listen to a lot of music that I did before when I get back home. Just not worth it. But good music is totally worth it.

We found this 18yo kid named Daniel on Saturday. His sister and brother-in-law are members in Apple Valley. He's super cool. No, my area ends quite a bit before Apple Valley. My area up here is about a third of the area I had in Ontario. Super small. Apple Valley is two zones away. But good stuff.

But anyway, things have been good the last four days. I love you all and miss you by the handfuls. Just kidding, that's weird. I pray for you all everyday. Give a Book of Mormon to a neighbor this week. It'll be cool. I promise. They'll like it if you do it right. Keep on keepin' on!

Elder Russell

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