Monday, April 6, 2015

April 5, 2015

Mom, Dad, and Family,

Pretty cool conference, huh?  I loved to talks and learned so much from all of them.  I was blown away at the Spirit I felt as Elder Niceler and I watched it.  I DID get to hear two general authorities speak two weeks in a row.  And then, the next week, we had conference.  Elder Nielson, the one who gave a talk of loving family members back into the fold, was the one that came and trained in our mission a week and two days ago.  In fact, half of our MLC last Thursday was on what he trained on.  It was super good and I'm impressed that he came up with the training whilst preparing for general conference.  That's pretty impressive if you ask me.

I really like his talk in general conference along with Elder Holland, who spoke right after him.  Both seemed to hit pretty close to home and helped me a lot.  A lot of the talks were on marriage and family, and Elder Niceler and I were talking and he laughed and said "How is this supposed to apply to me as a missionary and to the rest of the zone?  What can they take away from talks like that?"  And we laughed for a little bit, and then we talked about how the fundamentals for a successful marriage were probably pretty similar to those principles that could help a missionary companionship.  And the things that strengthen a family should also be able to strengthen the zone.  So we thought about that and I think we'll use some of what they said and apply it.  We had a good time talking about conference.

No it's not against the rules for me to send you my Hesperia address.  Haha, that's not why I don't send it.  It's the same thing with Victorville, I'm just not sure how long I'll be here and I don't know our area code and what not and so I just don't really give the address out.  However, I do pick-up packages every Thursday, so the latest it will be received is a week from when you sent it.  Elder Niceler and I pick up the packages and supplies for the zone so we get stuff like 5 days before everyone else.  No I didn't get your package yet, but I'll get it Thursday.

The guidelines for music are very broad and up to interpretation?  Why do you ask?  It mentions that we shouldn't listen to music that is to loud or inappropriate with it's beat, rhythm, or intensity.  And if it pulls our thoughts away from the work, or the Savior, or merely entertains, than it's a no go.  So I don't know.  There are some EFY songs I don't even listen to because they just are kind of "Meh..."

Things are going great here.  Elder Niceler continues to be a good example to me and help me.  He's super great and I admire him a lot.  He's very focused and loves being a missionary.  So he's good.  Athena and Jaz have stopped investigating for now.  Athena is super busy and just hasn't been making any time for lessons or coming to church or reading.  So that's sad.  But we think she'll come around.  The Romeros are good.  We had an awesome lesson on the Atonement and invited them to watch General Conference.  They said they would.  So I guess we'll find out tomorrow.  Will is doing good too.  He watched some of conference on Sunday and even though he had to reschedule for tonight, he is still really interested.  We taught a man named Jairo (it's Spanish) and he is super solid.  He's still 29 though, so we might pass him off to the YSA Elders so he can attend Singles ward.  I don't think he watched conference.  But that's okay, he's really really awesome.  So things are good.  Our area is still spread out as ever and it's still like going four wheeling.  Things are great.

Anyway, I love and miss you all and think y'all are great.  I pray for you.  Elder Nielson, in his training talked about when he was made a seventy, President Monson called him into his office and the only instruction he gave him was "Elder Nielson, go become."  Elder Nielson went back to his office and sat down.  He had no idea what President Monson was talking about.  So he started to think about the Savior and what the Savior would do in his position.  It wasn't long before he started to think of things to do with his time that he hadn't been given an assignment for yet.  He started helping people and getting to know them.  He started being kinder.  He was so caught up that when the Brethren called him in for training, he was actually sad because he was busy serving others.  My invitation to all of you is the same invitation President Monson gave to Elder Nielson.  Go become.  Bthe change.

Elder Russell

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