Sunday, April 5, 2015

March 23, 2015

Mom, Dad, and Family,

Sounds like this week was awesome!  I think I left my earphones in Upland, so I can't listen to the movies while I'm here in the library until I get some again.  But I'll hold on to Dad and Robyn's performance until I can watch them at a later time for sure.  Sounds like it was a blast.  I wish I could have been there.

This week was good for sure.  It was happy, for the most part.  Elder Gooch got transferred (his turn for a shaft!) and I got a new companion--Elder Niceler.  He's super good and I'm so excited to work with him.  We had a crazy day today, and we actually gotta go soon, so this should be short (sorry).  But after transfer meeting, we had to wait for Elder Niceler to get green-dotted (means he can drive the truck if he has to) and then we had to drop off bikes and luggage and pick up luggage and then drop that off and then unpack and then do laundry and then...anyway.  Crazy day.

Things are going good, though.  We had stake conference the past two days.  Elder Teh (of the Seventy) came to visit the stake and he spoke.  He talked a lot about adapting to the current challenges of the day.  Great great talk.  In other words, sometimes we get content with spirituality--if that makes sense.  We think "Oh I have this routine that works for me, I'm fine.  I'm doing okay."  He mentioned having family prayer.  That's good, and it works.  But the adversary is always updating his battle tactics, so to speak.  So eventually (actually NOW) just having family prayer won't be enough.  I heard a talk a little while ago from I think President Hinckley, and he said that having daily family scripture study and prayer isn't enough anymore.  We need to do it twice daily.  Personally, I think our family did pretty good at meeting the requirements for combating the world and sin.  I always knew we would eat as a family.  I always knew we would have scriptures and prayers every night.  I always knew Monday night was family night.  The whole evening.  This were things that were set apart.  They were things that needed to happen.  So I think we did well.  I think things on my mission have been pretty good too.  But Elder Teh is right, stopping at good--or even better--is no longer enough.  I have some habits on the mission that are good habits.  But I need to switch those habits for some better habits.  I have some better habits that I need to switch out for the best habits.  If Satan will be so persistent in making us miserable, we have to always be on the up for the better and the best.  He's not getting any kinder.

We had an awesome lesson with the Romeros this week.  A man in our ward came with us and he helped a ton.  Let me just say that when love is the reason, the means and the ends will always be acceptable to God if it's the right kind of love.  We're talking charity.  If Moroni 7:45 is how you feel about someone or something...I think God probably feels that way too.  So let's pray for charity "with all the energy of heart that [we] may be filled with this love," and when we see the Savior, I think "we will [all] be like Him." (Moroni 7:48).  I know God loves us.  I know He loves you.  Charity is definitely something I need to work on.  I think this transfer will be awesome.  

Thanks so much for all you do.  I love and miss you all.  You're all champions.  I pray for you.  I think you're awesome.  Don't forget..."B" The Change.

Elder Russell

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